Immigration Reform Bill on Back Burner, Syria Top Priority for Congress

Congress has returned from its summer break and immigration advocates are urging Congress to act quickly on immigration reform. However, Congress returned to Capitol Hill with a full plate of issues before them, including possible strikes against Syria, a possible government shut down due to the budget debate, and the Tea Party vying for attention in their Anti-Affordable Care Act campaign. How will immigration reform find a voice among so much noise?

With Congress’s attention so divided, many immigration advocates fear that the U.S. Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill passed this past June will gain enough attention and support in the U.S. House.

However, a number of groups continue to hold out hope. According to NBC Latino, a Quaker organization held a vigil yesterday night to urge Congress to act in Colorado, in California labor and civil rights groups have gathered to discuss immigration reform’s impact on the economy in round tables, and Catholic priests throughout the  nation held mass last Sunday urging their congregation to consider immigration reform. So far, there hasn’t been much movement on immigration reform because Congress has been pretty preoccupied with the Syrian Civil War and mounting  an attack on the Syrian government for alleged chemical weapon use resulting in the death of 1,500 rebel forces.

Despite all the pressures on Congress, many immigration, labor and civil rights advocates still fight hoping to garner support and bring attention to their cause.


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